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PENConsulting is a lean and effective process consulting company with a pool of highly experienced and regarded Independent Consultants, having over 25 years of industry and practice experience.

Our consultancy services in the energy business cover oil and gas, coal, small hydro-electric, geothermal and other renewable energy development as well as power generation. PENConsulting also provides specialized engineering consultancy services covering plant to food manufacturing process, coal water slurry, liquid petroleum gas (LPG) and compressed natural gas (CNG) processing, and oil refinery.

Energy Policy and Regulatory Studies +

PENConsulting performs various studies on energy policies and regulatory advocacy. Our executive consultants are very well in-tune with the prevailing energy policies and regulations landscape. Our frequent participation, advisement, and contribution to the energy policy development, provides us with first-hand knowledge and understanding of the prevailing policies and regulations, which can help our clients obtain a better understanding of the policies and regulations impact on their business.

Business Advisory +

PENConsulting provides both broad-based and detailed technical, commercial and strategic advice to clients across the upstream, midstream and downstream sectors of the energy industries including oil and gas and geothermal, using a project team approach. The firm's portfolio includes reservoir appraisal, advice on field development, subsurface and heavy oil expertise, facilities evaluation, refining assessment, as well as integrated technical and management services. The integrated technical and managerial services include appraisals, geological and geophysical studies, engineering analysis, reserves assessment, management services, operational audit and manpower recruitment. PENConsulting also provides independent certifications of oil and gas reserves and expert witness services or arbitration services for projects that involve legal, technical, or contractual disputes.

Due Diligence Assessment +

PENConsulting conducts comprehensive and focused due diligence assessments that fit specific client objectives. We conduct due diligence services for financial institutions, investors and banks on project financing proposals to assess the legal/contractual, commercial/economic, and technical aspects and associated project risks. We also conduct due diligence services for company acquisitions, farm-in/farm-outs, and joint ventures to evaluate the commercial, legal and technical features of the target venture and provide risk analysis relevant to the client's business.

Pre-Feasibility and Feasibility Study +

PENConsulting performs pre-feasibility and feasibility studies for energy development projects and special engineering projects, such as process manufacturing projects as well as plant operation improvement projects. We provide an extensive analysis and evaluation of the potential of a clients proposed project by objectively and rationally identifing the strengths, weaknesses, opportunities, and threats of the proposed project or business venture. PENConsulting undertakes pre-feasibility/feasibility studies in the energy development area including but not limited to Independent Power Projects (IPP), upstream/downstream oil and gas projects, specialized processing plant projects, and energy infrastructure projects.

Project Development and Technical Support +

PENConsulting energy project development experts provide services to identify, evaluate, select, and implement specific energy industries and process plant projects, from evolving regulatory and permitting considerations to engineering and market uncertainties. We understand the risks and challenge the project developer face in evaluating investments in energy and process industries projects. We assist project owners, investors and contractors to clarify and manage uncertainties in energy resources, project costs, development strategy and conceptual design, and evolving regulatory, permitting and marketing. PENConsulting can be the partner of the Owner in the development of energy and process plant projects including fossil-fueled power plants, cogeneration projects, integrated power and water treatment plants, and hydro-power projects.

Project Management +

As a consultant in Project Management, PENConsulting can help our client's organization to objectively assess the current processes against industry-recognized best practices and identifying gaps in the project management practices, which will focus on improvement opportunities to drive the business performance results. These may include meeting with clients to identify needs, creating strategies to meet those needs, going over ideas with clients, budget management and executing the necessary actions to reach intended goals.

Energy Management, Energy Efficiency and Conservation Studies +

PENConsulting extends consultancy services in the energy management on the supply side as well as the demand side which encompasses resource conservation and energy efficiency, climate protection, and cost effectiveness while ensuring continuity of energy supply and access to good quality of energy. PENConsulting performs energy efficiency and conservation studies, including conducting energy audits and developing energy efficiency solutions, with capacity to act as or engage with an Energy Services Company (ESCO). PENConsulting offers consultancy services for comprehensive energy solutions including feasibility studies, designs and implementation of energy savings projects, energy conservation, energy infrastructure outsourcing, power generation and energy supply, and risk management as well as developing the financial engineering and energy performance contract.

Energy Facility Operations and Performance Audit +

PENConsulting senior consultants have accumulated more than 20 - 25 years of experience in the operation of multi-national and/or large national energy business in various capacities. We are well qualified to conduct technical audit for the operations and performance of critical facilities in the electricity, oil and gas, geothermal and other renewable energy sectors to ensure compliance with prevailing safety, environmental regulations and best practice; meeting project financing and loan conditions; and attainment of sustainable business and operational objectives. We review operation and engineering data, evaluate field performance, help resolve the problem, and produce recommendations to improve the facilities and performance, and mitigate risk.

Data Acquisition and Analysis +

PENConsulting performs data acquisition and analysis for our clients (primarily for foreign clients requiring local knowledge) when detailed or further analysis is needed in their research or due diligence activity. In most cases, due to our proactive mindset, acquiring required data. PENConsulting already possess a wealth of industry resources such that acquiring data that we don't already have for client specific, in most cases, require a relatively short turnaround time. This makes the bulk of the work on the analysis part, which our experience in the industry allows for a more applicable conclusion.

Specialized Engineering Project Advisory and Technical Support +

PENConsulting consultants are comprised of individuals that also have deep engineering skills and experience able to provide specialized systems engineering services and expertise to energy and process industries including, but not limited to, integrated systems and subsystems technical design, evaluation, development and analyses; systems engineering and integration; identifying energy utilization in the industrial process system and integration issues; sustaining engineering; systems engineering tools; and coordination/support to the technical review process for all elements. Our professional consultants bring extensive experience in the energy industry gained from numerous projects around the world to every project. Our diverse background include employment with international and national oil, geothermal and power companies, including refinery projects, LNG receiving terminals, oil storage, down site selection of smelting plant, and many more.

Power Systems Studies +

PENConsulting power engineering experts offers power system studies for industrial and utility integrated power system. The scope of the studies includes, but not limited to,
(i) Load flow and stability studies
(ii) Short circuit studies
(iii) Reactive power optimization/power capacitor sizing
(iv) Power quality including assessment of voltage drop, losses,transient analysis, and harmonics
(v) Protection system and equipment protection studies, icluding relay coordination and motor starters
(vi) Reliability, load shedding and contingency analysis, and
(vii) Power supply and demand balance and forecast.

Human Capital and Organization Development +

PENConsulting services in Human Capital and Organization Development embrace competency base human resource development from recruitment, building competency to meet organizational needs, and developing effective and/or efficient new or improved organization in the energy sector through a rigorous study of process, structure, people, and measure. As a process consultant, we work with our clients to map key business processes or process flow charts that produce clients products or services, design organization structure to effectively embark on the processes, equate with competency of people to carry out their respective task, and develop individual and team key performance indicators.

Seminars, Conferences, and Workshops +

PENConsulting is always ready to share our leadership thoughts in the energy industry. Clients often ask us to facilitate workshops on relevant topics where we would provide content and knowledge as well as sharing firsthand experience so our clients are fully advised on the topics we cover. Furthermore, PENConsulting regularly contribute to various conferences in the oil & gas, coal, geothermal and other renewable energy, and electricityindustry throughout the world and welcome client invitation to be their guest speaker.


PENConsulting handles each consultancy job on a project portfolio basis, championed by one of our directors. In carrying out our consultancy services, PENConsulting offers joint team approach with clients to implant a sense of belonging among our clients' staff to the processes that implement results of our consultancy services and thus ensure attainment of satisfactory results.

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