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Professional Consultants

The typical PENConsulting professional has over 20-25 years, and counting, of industry and practice experience. All of PENConsulting professionals not only have strong professional skills necessary to deliver solutions for our clients, but as importantly, excellent leadership behaviors and experience, providing our clients assurance that working with PENConsulting professionals is the right choice.

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  • Provided professional advisory services for a major international strategic business consulting firm on geothermal development study in Indonesia.
  • Conduct ADB sponsored study on "Developing Contingent Liability Control System of Geothermal Projects" related to establishment and operationalization of Revolving Fund to support Government participation in mitigating risk in geothermal resource development for Fiscal Policy Office of Ministry of Finance, R.I.
  • Provided professional consultancy services for a major European oil and gas company in establishing geothermal business in Indonesia.
  • Provided professional consultancy services for West Japan Engineering Consultant Inc. to conduct JICA sponsored study on "Fiscal & Non Fiscal Incentives for Acceleration of Geothermal Energy Development by Private Sector in the Republic of Indonesia".
  • Conducted Preliminary Feasibility Study for the down-site selection of mineral ore smelting plant on suitable coast line using power from geothermal power plant(s).
  • Conducted study on Regional Electrical Supply and Demand Balance and the power grid situation in Sumatra (market for geothermal electricity) and Rank Geothermal Resources Development in Sumatra based on potential reserves and market.
  • Developed ESC renegotiation strategy and provide consultancy services to renegotiate Energy Sales Contract with PT PLN (Persero) for the Wayang Windu Unit 1 Project.
  • Conducted due diligence and strategy development for acquisition of Wayang Windu Geothermal Field.
  • Provided professional consultancy services for development of ESC negotiation strategy and facilitated negotiation process for ESC amendment for Darajat Unit #3 Geothermal Power Plant Project

Renewable Energy

  • Conducted study for AFD on Implementation and Follow-up Mission to Promote the Identification and Structuring of Renewable Energy (RE) and Energy Efficiency (EE) Investments in Indonesia.
  • Conducted pre-feasibility study on energy savings by substituting liquid fuel with coal water slurry in 2x50 MW and 2x65 MW steam turbine power plants.
  • Developed workshop on "Establishment of Energy (Efficiency & Conservation) Services Companies or ESCO in Indonesia" for the Indonesian Electrical Power Society (MKI), National Team on Energy and Water Conservation (TIMNASEA), and Indonesian Chamber of Commerce and Industry (KADIN) as a joint working group on the Indonesia Energy Efficiency.
  • Prepared and delivered on behalf of Indonesian Electric Power Society (MKI) paper on "Promoting Community Awareness for Energy Conservation Culture" for the National Team on Energy and Water Conservation (TIMNASEA) and World Bank Seminar on "Prospects of Energy Efficiency and Demand Side Management (DSM)".
  • Participated in the formulation of substances and selection of speakers for the Indonesian Electrical Power Society (MKI) " Indonesian Chamber of Commerce and Industry (KADIN) " and Asian Development Bank (ADB) Energy Efficiency Seminar on: "Financing Indonesia $ 4 Billion Energy Efficiency".
  • Proactively contributed to regulatory advocacy through participation in professional and business organization, such as the Indonesia Geothermal Association (API/INAGA), Indonesian Electrical Power Society (MKI), and Indonesian Renewable Energy Society (METI). Among others:
    • Drafting of the Geothermal Law - Law No. 27/2003 on Geothermal Energy
    • Formulation of Academic Paper for and review Draft Electricity Law - Law No. 30/2009 on Electricity
    • Drafting of the Government Regulations on Geothermal Energy Business, Electricity Business
    • Formulation of the Academic Paper for and review Draft Energy Law - Law No, 30/2009
    • Drafting of the new National Energy Policy (Vice Chairman of Working Team for National Energy Council)
    • Drafting of the Ministry of Energy & Mineral Resources regulations on geothermal and electricity
    • Drafting of the Government Regulations for Electricity Law No. 30 Year 2009
    • Drafting of the Government Regulations for Renewable Energy Activities and Security of Energy

Oil & Gas

  • Performed data acquisition and evaluation and prepare bid package for clients to participate in the tendering process of new oil and gas production sharing contract blocks.
  • Canvased new and operating PSCs for possible farm-in and/or corporate acquisition by client. Evaluate technical, commercial and legal aspects of each prospect and provide negotiation strategy for the farm-in and/or acquisition.
  • Provided consultancy services for a newly acquired PSC Block covering plan to implement exploratory drilling and seismic program; Conducted geology evaluation and drilling program, selection of well locations, and organization development; Supervised 3-D seismic and stratigraphic evaluation. Prepared Plan of Development (POD) to obtain commercialization of the field (Tarakan PSC Block).
  • Provided independent assessment of project financing proposals for bank on offshore in-field drilling, production facility refurbishment and step-out drilling projects. Includes providing technical, commercial/economic, and contractual evaluation of the project financing proposal, conducting risk analysis, projecting production and cash flow and periodically monitoring project performance (West and East Udang Field, Natuna).

Coal & Mining

  • Developed coal sales & purchase contract, encompassing presentation on coal supply potentials and business opportunities and facilitating the development of steam coal purchases and sales agreement for 500,000 ton/year.
  • Conducted technical & commercial evaluation of project financing proposal for four (4) medium size coal-fired steam turbine power generation projects to financial institution.
  • Provided an overview of Indonesia bauxite and nickel mining business opportunities for foreign investors.
  • Participated in the study on project financing and electricity pricing model of coal fired power plant projects.
  • Developed market for utilization of Coal Water Slurry (CWS) to substitute HSD/MFO in Steam Power Plant and Steam Boilers in industries.
  • Conducted pre-feasibility studies in energy saving by substituting liquid fuel with coal water slurry in 2x50 MW and 2x65 MW steam turbine power plants.
  • Develop Coal Water Slurry business opportunities for industrial boilers in Pakistan.

Electrical Power

  • Conducted feasibility study and provided professional consultancy services for project development of a Combined Cycle, Dual Frequencies (60 Hz and 50 Hz) Power Generation for upstream oil & gas production operations and surrounding community.
  • Facilitated revival of 2 x 660 MW electrical power mega project.
  • Facilitated negotiation for excess power sales agreement.
  • Delivered special presentations to companies (EPC Companies, Oil & Gas Companies, and Financial Institutions) having interests in expanding their business into the power industry.
  • Conducted pre-feasibility studies for 2 (two) Combined Cycle gas turbine power plants of 2 x 105 MW Simple Cycle gas turbine units and 100 MW Waste Heat Recovery steam turbine unit as an IPP.
  • Conducted pre-feasibility study for 4 to 6 x 25 MW coal-fired steam turbine power plant for coal ocean terminal own use, surrounding industrial park, and possible future tie-in to PLN grid.
  • Provided independent assessments of technical, contractual and economic aspects of medium scale coal-fired steam power plant projects for project financing by banking institutions.
  • Developed Independent Power Project opportunities for a gas fired 300 MW Combined Cycle Power Plants.
  • Conducted power supply option study for new copper/gold mining company requiring 20-60 MW power for mining operations.
  • Provided consultancy services for the development of 2x100 MW Coal Water Slurry-fired steam turbine power plant for an industrial estate in Medan, North Sumatra, encompassing relevant permits, project financing, and technology.
  • Provided media communication content on "Selection of the Right Power Generation" for a major gas turbine generators manufacturing company.
  • Designed, Edited and Co-published the Indonesian Electrical Power Business Directory and its Supplementary Edition.
  • Studied and developed implementation guide on optimization of asset values for a state-owned energy company, covering process development, legal and financial aspects, socio-political impact.

Specialized Engineering

  • Conducted due diligence assessment of a raw materials processing plant.
  • Provided engineering support to develop a raw materials processing plant for food supply industry.
  • Provided project management oversight for the development of a food manufacturing plant development.
  • Developed plant operations and maintenance guidelines.
  • Performed engineering & economic studies for energy, electrical power, and manufacturing industries.

Energy Business Development & Regulations

  • Facilitated corporate strategy development, deployment and organizational restructuring of a national EPC company.
  • Conducted capacity building exercise for corporate strategic plan development and deployment of an environmental NGO.
  • Studied and presented diversification opportunities and strategies in the energy value chain business for a coal mining company.
  • Conducted screening assessment of project opportunities in the upstream Oil & Gas, Geothermal Power and Coal Fired Steam Power Plant business and carry out due diligence of selected projects for acquisition or participating interest.
  • Provided an overview and outlook on Indonesia electrical power supply and related infrastructure projects, including gas, coal, and geothermal primary energy supplies, for expanding business development of an international engineering company.
  • Co-developed and co-delivered executive training program on Fundamental and Commercial Aspects of Power Business.
  • Conducted and facilitated regulatory advocacy as part of PENConsulting's civic mission:
    • Electricity Law & Implementing Regulations.
    • Blue Print of Power Industry 2003-2020.
    • Geothermal Power Law & Blue Print of Geothermal Energy 2004-2020.
    • Oil and Gas Law Implementing Regulations, Upstream and Downstream Blue Print for LNG Industry and Natural Gas Industry.
    • Draft Energy Law - Academic Paper.
    • Blue Print National Energy Development 2005-2025.
    • Review Draft Academic Paper and Draft New Electricity Law.
    • Draft three Government Regulations associated with the New Electricity Law No. 30 Year 2009.
    • Draft Government Regulations on New and Renewable Energy and on Energy Security, related to Energy Law No. 30 Year 2007.
    • Draft Minister of Finance regulation of Geothermal Fund.

Conferences & Seminars

  • Develop substances and processes for effective international energy conferences, including:
    • Indonesia - China Electrical Power Equipment & Technology (ICEP) 2008
    • Bimasena International Energy & Mining Conference 2004
    • Indonesia - China Energy Dialog 2002 & 2006
    • Houston Energy Dialog 2001
    • Jakarta International Energy Conference 2000
  • Developed Terms of Reference and participate in business conferences in cooperation with the Indonesian Electrical Power Society (MKI), the Indonesian Geothermal Association (API), the Indonesian Renewable Energy Society (METI), and the Bimasena Energy & Mining Society.
    • ITB National Seminar and Exhibition on Electricity Business & Technology 2011, to be conducted in Bandung, 8-10 November 2011 (providing consultancy services for the main sponsor).
    • Indonesia International Infrastructure 2011 Conference and Exhibition: "Accelerating Infrastructure Development across Indonesia", Jakarta 12-14 Apr 2011. Preparing paper on "Go Green, Go East" as part of a joint presentation with MKI on "From Resources to Utility".
    • MKI Business Forum: "Solution for Renewable Energy Business to Support Indonesia Sustainable Industrial Development", Jakarta, 24 Feb 2011. Presented paper on "Barriers of Renewable Energy Business in Indonesia".
    • MKI Workshop on "Feasibility Analysis of Micro-hydro Electric Power Plant Projects", Jakarta 4-5 Aug 2010. Facilitated discussion on "Regulatory and Socio-Cultural Aspects in Renewable Energy Sector"
    • Develop Term of Reference and Topics for the Workshop on: "Establishment of Energy (Efficiency & Conservation) Services Companies or ESCO in Indonesia" for the MKI - TIMNASEA - KADIN joint working group on Indonesia Energy Efficiency, May 2010.
    • Establishment of Working Group on Indonesia Energy Efficiency, a joint cooperation among MKI, the National Team of Energy and Water Conservation (TIMNASEA), and Indonesia Chamber of Commerce (KADIN) to develop "Grand Design of Indonesia Energy Efficiency", April 2010. Appointed as member of the steering committee.
    • MKI Business Advocacy for the "Resolution of the Stranded IPP", Oct 2009- Feb 2010. MKI team leader.
    • National Team on Energy and Water Conservation (TIMNASEA) and World Bank Seminar on "Prospects of Energy Efficiency and Demand Side Management (DSM)", 21 Dec 2009. Presenting paper on behalf of MKI on "Promoting Community Awareness for Energy Conservation Culture".
    • Member of MKI Team for Indonesian Parliamentary hearing on "Barriers to IPP Development", 21 Jan 2010.
    • MKI - ADB - KADIN Energy Efficiency Seminar: "Financing Indonesia $ 4 billion Energy Efficiency", Jakarta 26 Nov 2009. Participate in seminar preparation.
    • MKI 2nd National Electrical Power Conference: "Electricity for All - Update", Jakarta 14-15 Oct 2009. Chairman of Steering Committee. Formulate the conference term of reference.
    • MKI-API Workshop on: "Feasibility Study of Geothermal Power Plant Development", Jakarta 22-23 Jul 2009. Presented paper on "Regulatory Aspect of Geothermal Business Activities"
    • MKI Workshop on "IPP Business Development", Jakarta 17 May 2009. Present and facilitate discussion on Law and Regulations Effecting Indonesia Power Sector.
    • MKI Workshop on Micro-hydro Electric Power Plant Projects: "Renewable Energy to Support Sustainable and Environmentally Friendly National Development - Accelerating Mini/Micro-hydro Electric Power Plant Project", Semarang 14 May 2009.
    • MKI Workshop on "In Search of Solutions to Financing Independent Power Producer Projects", Jakarta, 27 Nov 2008
    • Indonesia - China Electrical Power Equipment and Technology Conference & Exhibition 2008: "Better Living Through Electricity: Partnership in Power Development", 16-17 May 2008.
  • Provided consultancy services to Indonesia major energy/power company to sponsor the 4th National Electrical Power Seminar & Exhibition conducted by ITB.
  • Participated in the Steering Committee and Review Panel for Technical Papers for the Conference of Electrical Power Supply Industry to be conducted in Bali in October 2012.

Our Clients

  • ADB/Center for Fiscal Risk Management/ Fiscal Policy Office, Ministry of Finance
  • Amoseas Indonesia Inc. (now Chevron Geothermal Indonesia)
  • Bayan Resources Group Companies - PT Bayan Energy
  • BEC Engineering - Intrepid Mines, Australia
  • Bimasena Energy & Mining Society and the Indonesian Institute for Energy Economics
  • CBM Asia Development Corp.
  • CHIPS Energy Co. Ltd., Hong Kong, China
  • Consortium of Bank Niaga, CIMB Malaysia, Bank Expor Indonesia and Lippo Bank
  • Consortium of CIMB-Niaga and Indonesia Export Financing Institute / PT Bumi Hasta Mukti
  • Fichtner GmbH, Germany
  • JICA/West Japan Engineering Consultant, Inc., Japan
  • Joint Team of Indonesian Energy Society
  • LPPM ITB - Badan Operasi Bersama - Coastal Plain Pekanbaru Block (BOB-CPP)
  • PT Caltex Pacific Indonesia, a Subsidiary of Chevron IndoAsia Business Unit
  • PT Ceria Worley, subsidiary of Worley Parsons Engineering Company
  • PT Chevron Pacific Indonesia (CPI)
  • PT Earth Power
  • PT ENV Indonesia for Agence Francaise de Developpmeement (AFD)
  • PT Jorindo Agung
  • PT Kariangau Power
  • PT Karya Inti Petroleum
  • PT Medco Energy International Tbk
  • PT Medco Power Indonesia
  • PT Panen Raya Sejahtera
  • PT Pertalahan Arnebrata Natuna
  • PT PLN (Persero) - The State Electricity Enterprise
  • PT Q Energy South East Asia
  • PT Rina Indonesia - Subsidiary of Rina Services SpA, Genoa, Italy
  • PT Siemens Indonesia
  • PT SNC Lavalin Indonesia
  • PT Star Energy - Magma Nusantara Ltd
  • PT Sumber Daya Kelola
  • PT Supreme Energy
  • PT Tanjung Kasam Power & Consortium of BNI, BRI and Bukopin
  • PT Tiara Gading Oil
  • Manhattan Kalimantan Investment (MKI) Tarakan PSC
  • McKinsey & Company Ltd, Hongkong
  • Mytrah Energy (India) Ltd.
  • NeuEnergy Ltd, Australia
  • Nextgen Pte Ltd, Singapore
  • PT Archipelago Resources Komunikasi
  • PT Asia Bumi
  • PT Bangka Manunggal Power
  • PT Bank Negara Indonesia (Persero) Tbk
  • PT Bank Niaga, Tbk
  • PT Bumi Hasta Mukti
  • PT Cabot Indonesia
  • PT Casindo Global International
  • PT Daya Mitra Sejati
  • PT Getraco Utama
  • PT Gunung Bayan Prima Coal, Providence Indonesia Energy LLC
  • Reykjavik Energy Invest / Centruy Aluminum, Iceland/USA
  • Statoil SA, Norway
  • Tanjung Jati A Power Company, A Bakrie & Brothers Corporation
  • The Jakarta Consulting Group - PT Rekayasa Industri (State Own EPC Company)
  • Total Indonesie E&P
  • YBUL (Yayasan Bina Usaha Lingkungan), an Environmental NGO